Our garage was an overwhelming mess before I found Heather.  I had no clue where to start.  Heather came in and helped me in a methodical and practical way to clear out and get rid of what we no longer needed or used and find a new home for everything that we kept.  She also hauled off the items that we decided to dump or donate which was huge!  Before Heather helped us, I couldn’t walk into our garage without feeling anxious or frustrated about the lack of organization and overload of stuff that we had.  For the first time, I know exactly where to find everything I am looking for, and I enjoy walking in to the garage to find it.  On top of the amazing job that she did, she is also really enjoyable to work with.  I feel like I gained a new space in my house and a new friend.  If you need help gaining control of your clutter, Heather is your girl!
– ​Suzanne P.

Just a few words about this awesome, energetic, hard working, entrepreneur…….
We had an entire house to clean out, sell contents, and get sold in one week. Heather started a plan as soon as we walked in the door.  From the attic to the basement, things were set aside for ourselves, garage sale, Craig’s List, donate, and pitch piles.  The place was cleaned, organized, and ready to market in two days.  We couldn’t have done it without Heather’s insight and encouragement. If you are looking for excellent results, great time management, and a wonderful professional to work with, call Heather at Upstate Organized Living today.  She will get the chaos out of your life so you can function again.
 – Kathy G.

This is the second time I’ve enlisted the help of Upstate Organized Living. The house my husband and I live in is getting too small for us, but while we are searching for a bigger place SOMETHING had to be done with all of the stuff just laying out with nowhere to go! Heather spent half a day the other weekend helping me to organize and compartmentalize the year’s worth of things we’ve been accumulating. We got things done fast! Now there’s a place for everything.. and I know where it all is. And there’s so much space!! I don’t dread going home from work anymore LOL. Not only did I create a happier home, I learned a lot from Heather about how to stay organized. It’s going to make it 100 times easier packing to move when we do– which I’ll probably call on Upstate Organized Living again to help me with too!
– Alissa C.

The work that Heather did in our home, has reduced the amount of time I spend cleaning!  Before she organized our living space, my daughter and I spent most of our time together picking up clutter.  What a lifestyle improvement!   Now we have room for fun and educational projects, and cleanup is simple.  Maintaining our organized space is easy.  The best part is, the process is not overwhelming.  She helped me create a vision, and broke it down into steps.  Breaking up the process has made it affordable and convenient to our schedule.  I am always amazed at how fast she gets results.
 – Jade L.

Heather is an absolute delight to work with! She’s high-energy and all smiles, while being extremely focused and outcome-driven. She believes in what she’s doing and is 100% committed to her cause, which is bringing ease and organization into your environment. I wholeheartedly recommend Heather to anyone who needs to declutter and reorganize any part of their space or life!
– Laura S.

I have been working with Heather for over a year on various projects. She helped get me and my family unpacked, settled and organized after our move. She can come up with the perfect idea, shop for the supplies and execute professionally and flawlessly. Also great with decorating ideas. Highly recommend.
– Mauri A.

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