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How To: Kid’s Closet Refresh

July 31, 2023

how to overcome three common challenges for back to school


I'm a professional organizer, wife, mom, and South Carolina native passionate about making women's lives easier. I'm so glad you're here!


I am going through Jack’s closet for back-to-school season, which is challenging for me! If you also feel like it’s a struggle to go through your kid’s clothes, you’re not alone.

In my experience, parents are weighing three important ideas:

  • sentimental memories
  • financial investment & use value
  • the possibility of having another child

All good things! But these ideas are definitely challenging for decision-making. Walk with me through each area and we’ll get your child’s closet cleaned out for the new school year in no time.

Our goal today is to make your child’s everyday rhythms easier! That means, yes, deciding what stays and what goes, but also how to store those not-sure items in a better way!


Baby Jack at Christmastime!!

First, ask yourself, “is this an important memory? Is there a specific memory attached to this thing?”

Do you look at it and specifically it is a good memory that you can recall “oh, this was a great day!”

Or does it remind you of them screaming and you hauling them out of that grocery store… just let that one go hahaha.

Be selective about the things you keep. Keep five, not twenty of those things for keepsake (if you are having another, it’s a whole nother ballgame). Scroll down for storage ideas!!

Ok, let’s say you’re still stuck.

If you’re not ready to fully let go but you know in your heart the clothes need to leave your home, try giving the clothes to someone you know who could use them.

I gave my neighbor a bunch of Jack’s stuff and told her, “You let me know before you give me that stuff away again! I might want it back.” It really helped because I knew I wasn’t just getting rid of stuff. My neighbor had a kid younger than Jack and I knew she needed it. She just picked up the stuff from the front porch!


Every family is different financially. Kids outgrow clothes SO FAST and it can feel like we are throwing money out of the window!

>>> A good rule of thumb is to simply let go of things that don’t fit your kid anymore. Not sure? Give it one more year/usability – leave it in their drawer and just do the same process next year.

For example, I usually keep a few shirts in Jack’s rotation that I’m not sure on. Shirts are a big thing. I still let him wear a 4T but maybe I shouldn’t send him to school in the 4T. I keep it in the drawer and just practice being mindful of “ok, it’s time.” Use it until you can’t anymore and then get rid of it. Keep your eye on it. Phase it out. You’ll know. But don’t forget to actually phase things out when it’s time.

When it’s time to phase it out, letting go might mean keeping for another child in the family (which we’ll get to in a minute) or donating to a great local spot like Miracle Hill Ministries or Safe Harbor Resale Store.


“What if I want another child in the future?” clients ask me. This is one of the biggest reasons parents keep clothes, and what a great reason!!

Choose the clothes you’d like to save. Are they in good condition? Wash and fold them. Next, store them in a bin or a cloth container that will preserve them. Label the bins with whatever information makes sense to you. I love these products below!

The fabric bag is from Chaos Cleared. I love her story and business and we connected years ago on Instagram. She sent me a free bag to try and I LOVE it. I use them in my home and for clients. Great quality. The Sterilite bins are an Upstate Organized Living favorite you can get from Target and Amazon. The smaller ones are great for under the bed – just measure yours first!

Last, decide where you want to store these clothes. The attic is a great solution but if that’s not an option the top of a closet, under the bed or the garage works too. The key here is to pack it up and store out of your usual daily rhythms until the time comes to put them back in rotation for a new little one.


Remember, organizing is personal.

Let go of shame about holding on to things and let go of indecision by following these principles.

Still stuck? Contact me. I’d love to help you personally in your home make long-lasting decisions and give you systems that work for you.

If you liked this blog, you might also like our guide to refreshing your nightstand and editing your closet for a new season! You got this!!

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I'm a professional organizer, wife, mom, and South Carolina native passionate about making women's lives easier. I'm so glad you're here!


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